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Netherlands: A Structured Approach to Involving Multiple Stakeholders in SDG Reporting (2018)

The Netherlands has integrated SDG review into the policy cycle through regular measuring, consulting and reporting on progress. Strong partnerships with relevant stakeholders have made this process a truly collaborative effort.

Senegal: Developing a Localised SDG Information System (2018)

Senegal’s first VNR submitted to the HLPF in 2018 provides details of progress in national SDG implementation. At the same time, the report repeatedly states that the national statistical system does not yet allow differentiated assessments of development for specific population segments, vulnerable groups, decentralised administrative units, etc., due to a lack of disaggregated data. A pilot initiative in the Diourbel Region aims to help solve this problem by using a bottom-up approach.

South Africa: Promoting Constructive Science-Policy Dialogue for the SDG Review (2018)

South Africa is going to present its first VNR to the international community in 2019. Preparations are well on their way, and the scientific community is readying itself to play its part in the process. The University of Pretoria hosts the South African SDG hub, a platform to help policy-makers and researchers engage in constructive dialogue on the SDGs. Prof. Willem Fourie, coordinator of the hub, explains the approach in a personal interview.