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Colombia: Follow-up and lessons learned from repeated VNRs (2020)

Colombia has already presented two VNRs, one at the HLPF in 2016 and the second in 2018. In the first VNR, the National Planning Department (DNP) reported on institutional preparations for the 2030 Agenda and provided an analysis of the national context for each SDG. The second VNR focused on presenting lessons learned from developing the national SDG implementation strategy and on showcasing the contributions of non-governmental stakeholders. Adriana Castro González, former SDG Coordinator at DNP, explains these processes and shares some of her insights.

Mexico: Engaging Subnational Levels in the SDG Process (2018)

The fifth largest country in the Americas has been successful in creating considerable momentum for SDG implementation and review at the subnational levels. Experience shows that success is as much about structures as it is about communication and motivation.

Oaxaca, Mexico: SDG review at state level (2020)

The 2030 Agenda has brought winds of change to the State of Oaxaca. Multi-stakeholder participation in the public policy process and integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development are new experiences for all involved, and they are beginning to transform the relationship between citizens and the state government. Yolanda Martínez López, Secretary of Wellbeing in Oaxaca, explains how the process has been unfolding and what role the voluntary sub-national review has played in it.

Senegal: Developing a Localised SDG Information System (2018)

Senegal’s first VNR submitted to the HLPF in 2018 provides details of progress in national SDG implementation. At the same time, the report repeatedly states that the national statistical system does not yet allow differentiated assessments of development for specific population segments, vulnerable groups, decentralised administrative units, etc., due to a lack of disaggregated data. A pilot initiative in the Diourbel Region aims to help solve this problem by using a bottom-up approach.

The Philippines: Using citizen-generated data for SDG review and follow-up (2020)

With the country’s two VNR processes (2016 and 2019) and consultations on localising the SDG targets, the interaction between the government and CSOs in the Philippines has intensified. In response to interest expressed by both sides, a project launched in 2019 assessed how citizen-generated data (CGD) might be used for official reporting. Patricia Anne R. San Buenaventura, Chief Statistical Specialist, explains the key steps, challenges and results of the project by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21), and describes the PSA’s efforts to institutionalise the use of CGD in the Philippines.

Bristol, United Kingdom: Voluntary Local Review – Connecting the SDGs with local realities (2020)

Bristol was the first city in the UK to produce a Voluntary Local Review (VLR), the equivalent of a VNR at city level. The report was presented at the HLPF in New York in July 2019. Allan MacLeod, Bristol SDG Research and Engagement Associate, shares some of his observations and experiences from the SDG review at local level.