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How to produce the selfie video

Prior to the Berlin meeting we would kindly like to ask you to support us with a little video project we are preparing for the conference. There are three things we would like to know from you and it would be wonderful if you could send the answers in a quick selfie video (in English). 

Prior to the questions please state your name, your job and the country you are coming from (in English please):

Please tell us: What is the appropriate expression of “Let’s get started” in your native language?

What knowledge/experience can you share with the network members and what do you expect from the network meeting (please mention 3 buzzwords for each) (in English please).

Please say “good bye” in your language.

Bonus: If you want to, record this little video in a special place you love and give us an impression of what it looks like.

Please note that your video can be used for videos that we will show during the conference or on the closed P4R Community ( The videos will be kept in a positive mood.

By submitting your video through one of the following channels you give your consent that this footage may be used in parts or as a whole for the above stated purposes. Due to the nature of this video project, your consent may only be revoked until Nov 2 2018.

Please submit the video until Oct 26 2018 via:

WhatsApp: Connect with P4R Video Team, +49 178 1482973. Just send the video.

Telegram: Connect with P4R Video Team, +49 178 1482973. Just send the video.

WeTranfer: Open on your smartphone browser, select the video and send it to (a regular email won’t work because video files are too big)