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Beisheim, Marianne 2014 – The Future HLPF Review, Criteria and ideas for its institutional design:
The working paper analyzes the options for a review mechanism for the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) and a follow up and review process to achieving the implementation of sustainable development. Initially the author designs criteria for an institutionalized effective review mechanism. It is followed by an analysis of existing review mechanisms and an evaluation of their advantages for the new HLPF review.

Beisheim, Marianne and Simon, Nils 2015 – Meta-Governance of Partnerships for Sustainable Development, Actors’ Perspectives on How the UN Could Improve Partnerships’ Governance Services in Areas of Limited Statehood: The working paper analyzes different perspectives of key actors on multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development.

It focuses on actors in the UN context and discusses the success conditions to enable and ensure existing and the development of new partnerships.

Beisheim, Marianne 2015 – Follow-up and review of implementation of the agenda and the agreed goals and targets: This document is a presentation held by Ms. Beisheim on why an effective and efficient review and follow up process is needed and how it could be implemented.

Beisheim, Marianne 2015 – Reviewing the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and Partnerships, A Proposal for a Multi-level Review at the High-level Political Forum: This early 2015 study discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the existing review processes at that time. The author suggests a “Commit and Review” process and reviews partnerships for sustainable development.